Signs You May Be Dealing With An SEO Troll

Posted October 18, 2011 - 12:00 pm. By Ryan Feyer. comments

A plague has hit the search engine optimization (SEO) industry and it really has nothing to do with SEO, but with bad business practices. The plague happens to be a slew of toxic SEO agencies that are just trolls. If you‚Äôre a business owner, you‚Äôve likely been contacted by one of these SEO trolls already. We receive close to five phone calls a day on our business line from the trolls asking if we‚Äôd like to buy their SEO services. They make promises they can‚Äôt keep, they offer prices they can‚Äôt afford, and they‚Äôre just a pain to deal with. Here are some signs you may be dealing with an SEO troll…

They Contact You Out of the Blue

Some SEO trolls spend all day sifting through Google Places and other business directories looking for a phone number to call. Once they have your number, they wont stop calling until you pickup. They hide behind a private number, so you wont know who‚Äôs calling, and they won‚Äôt leave a message. We‚Äôve even received phone calls from these trolls – up to five times a day! Burger King doesn‚Äôt call McDonalds to see if they want to buy a Whopper. Which leads us to our next point…

They Don’t Know Anything
About Your Business

While some people just don‚Äôt like cold calling, it‚Äôs still a common business practice. A cold call from a business doesn‚Äôt automatically equal trollship (definition: membership to the SEO troll community). If they call you out of the blue and don‚Äôt know a thing about your business, then they‚Äôre a troll. If you‚Äôre going to cold call and guarantee top placement in a search engine, they should at least know a thing or two about your business! Which leads us to our next point…

They Guarantee Top Placement
with Search Engines

Google will be the first to tell you that no one can guarantee a #1 ranking with a search engine. There are no special relationships with Google; in fact, Google will not allow an SEO firm to say they have any type of partnership with them. The only type of partnership with Google is a certified AdWords partner; which has nothing to do with organic search rankings. Some SEO trolls can get a you a #1 ranking, but it will be for some obscure long keyword phrase that you would get anyways.

They Can’t Clearly Explain
What They Intend To Do

SEO trolls will say they’re experts with access to technology that will boost your rankings like no one else. But then they can’t explain how it works. When working with a real SEO firm, they will tell you exactly what they intend to do. We tell our clients right away that we’ll perform a two-week traffic analysis and give an SEO inspection before we touch anything. Then we’ll put together a detailed recommendation for what our next steps will be. If your SEO firm doesn’t explain to you the details, ask them for the details. If they can’t provide them, fire them.

Why This All Matters

Dealing with an SEO troll will cost you and not just money. If a troll uses deceptively aggresive practices to get you higher rankings, you could get blacklisted from search engines. No listing is worse than having the last listing.

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