Why Google’s Secure Search Policy Shouldn’t Matter to SEOs

Posted October 24, 2011 - 9:37 am. By Ryan Feyer. comments

Last week, Google announced it was changing the default search setting for it’s logged in users. It will start moving users to encrypted pages when displaying search results. Google says this initiative is to protect the personalized search experience; in essence, to protect users’ privacy.

The response from the SEO community has been mostly negative as it puts a damper on the traffic data we receive from search engine referrals. If a user made a search over an encrypted connection and then clicked-through to a given website, we can’t track which keywords they used in the search. We can track that information in unencrypted sessions. Google’s change negatively affects the data SEO firms can sift through to help with keyword gap analysis or other keyword selection techniques. At Feyer Marketing, we believe you should always inform your decisions with accurate data. If you don’t have complete data, however, you can’t always make the most informed decisions.

But, in reality, it shouldn’t matter.

As businesses, SEOs should adapt. We should innovate. We should find new ways to get complete data. We need to work harder to deliver good products to our clients.

Change is inevitable. We can’t get used to doing things a certain way and get comfortable relying on that. What would happen if Google, or some other major search engine, made a drastic change to their algorithms that completely changed the game? We should be ready to adapt, because things will always change.

We’re excited to see the new ideas and innovative products that will come out of the SEO community as a result of the change Google is making. If you’re interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimization, feel free to contact us here or leave a comment below.

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