5 Reasons Online Marketing Beats Offline

Posted November 2, 2011 - 9:08 am. By Ryan Feyer. comments

If you ever have to choose between marketing online or marketing offline, we hope you’ll choose online. Not just because we’re an internet marketing company, but from a business perspective, online just makes sense. The benefits are too great to market any other way.

Here’s our five reasons online marketing is the better choice:

Online marketing supports budgets of all sizes

There’s no setup, printing, or delivery fee. There’s no budget too small (or too large). You can easily control your costs and limit your spend.

Online marketing is completely measurable

You have complete, accurate data on all of your advertising. You can see your impressions, clicks, conversions, pageviews, leads, sales, etc. You can see exactly where your money is going and determine if your results justify your costs. You can directly see your ROI Рno need to ask “how did you find us?” With online marketing, you already know the exact path taken.

Online marketing gives you instantaneous results

There’s no waiting for your billboard to get hung. No delayed response from your customers. Prospective clients can respond immediately to your online campaigns. Everything happens in real-time.

Online marketing allows for easy optimization

If something isn‚Äôt working, it‚Äôs easy and inexpensive to try something else. You can simultaneously run different ads at the same time to see which is more effective. Variations of your ads are endless, allowing you to correctly grasp what message works for your audience and what¬†doesn’t.

Online marketing can be broad reaching or narrow reaching

You can reach the world. Or you can reach just your neighborhood. Narrow your target audience to as specific as possible or broaden it and sell to the world. Online marketing isn‚Äôt just global. You‚Äôre able to target very specific audiences based on region, language, occupation, interests, browsing history, etc. This way your message is only reaching your prospective customers, and you’re not paying to advertise to people who are not in your target market.

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